Career Opportunities

Night Line Janitorial values our partnership with our janitorial technicians. More than a job, our employees are committed to providing quality, efficiency and reliable janitorial services to many North Texas businesses. Currently, Night Line Janitorial has over one hundred skilled janitorial technicians on staff.

Night Line Janitorial is accepting applications for the following positions:
  • Daytime Janitorial Technician
  • Nighttime Janitorial Technician
  • Daytime Porter Technician

If you are interested in joining the best Janitorial Service Company in North Texas fill out our online application form. You must have a valid drivers license and Social Security Number to be considered for employment by Night Line Janitorial. Night Line Janitorial is an equal opportunity employer and follows all state and federal labor regulations. Night Line Janitorial is committed to providing a safe and friendly work environment.

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