VCT Strip and Wax

Do you have a floor care program in place for your business?

Finished floors are often one of the biggest investments an establishment can make. As a result, protection and maintenance become critical tasks for cleaning professionals. A great first step towards protecting finished floors is implementing a mat program.

Outdoor and foyer/entryway area mats can remove much of the dirt and debris from shoes, preventing it from being tracked inside and onto your finished floors. Inside, matting can also help to remove the final bit of dirt, including moisture.

Night Line Janitorial can offer you a floor care programs to help you improve and maintain in the appearance of your floors. We specialize in marble, concrete and VCT floors. In the current economic climate, businesses of all types are challenged with maintaining finished floors with limited budgets and personnel. This places a renewed emphasis on efficiency and productivity.

Gym floors can be a living, breathing organism; there is rarely a time when they are not being used or are not in demand. The most common gym floor, when you think about the term, is the floor found in schools at every level and sports arenas. No matter where these floors are, chances are they take a daily beating. Even if there is not a game or event scheduled in an arena, there may be practice; gyms in K-12 schools are rarely, if ever, used solely for sporting events.

If the custodial or maintenance staff at a school or other athletic facility is proactive, they will take steps to make sure their floor remains in good condition. The cleaner the floor, the longer it will last. It really is that simple, gyms, like all floors, have daily care, intermediate care (screening and re-coating) and restorative care (sanding).

There are two main reasons a gym floor ends up needing to be refinished: Time and damage.

While the average life expectancy of a floor can range from 15 years for vinyl tile to upwards of 50 years for wood flooring, this number can decrease dramatically if daily maintenance is not taking place.

Damage can take place in the form of water damage or from more frequent sanding due to the “faster breakdown of water-based finish versus oil finish, or from the incompatibility between finishes and/or paint.”
When damage occurs, refinishing is the next step. Nightline Janitorial has over 20 years of experience on the cleaning and facility maintenance industry. We can help you!

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